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A Dark Spring is here!

My latest publication is an anthology, A Dark Spring, which features eight short stories including my novella, A Tangled Oracle. This story is quite different to all of my previous works. For starters, it's not a romance. A Tangled Oracle is a crime/mystery/thriller. Buy Now!

Eight original tales of suspense that will tangle your senses and keep you gripped. From murder to the unknown, the everyday world is explored in these tension-fuelled and twisted novellas. Be prepared to get tangled.

A Tangled Oracle by Laura N. Andrews

In Oracle Vardalos’s dreams, people are murdered. News stories follow and the evidence piles up against her. She must save those she loves; even if it’s from herself.

The Burning Rock by M. Billiter

Tangled Love by Kim Deister

Gnarled by R.M. Gilmore

Early Retirement by Kenneth Jobe

Tangled Obsession by Barb Shuler

We Only Want to Play by M.C. St. John

The House on Oak Street by Ricky Wells

Add it to your Goodreads TBR list and don't forget to review!

Happy reading :)

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